I am Jasmine

and I have found myself within the healing and coaching. With my work I support people to create their absolute dream life (privately & professionally). 

I’m an expert in mindset-, heartset-, energyset-, awareness-, empowerment & spaceholding.

I believe in frequency and energy as our number one healing tool & medicine. 

As a medium and coach I can show you in a coaching session how you can approach your problems to find a solution while the channel to the “above” is always open.

I change lives by guiding people on their journey to be and live their best version of themselves. As well as living according to Plan A – as I have been doing for years. I don’t even think about a Plan B, because I am never going to need it with the right mindset. This does not only apply to me but also to many other people I have already accompanied.

You want this too?
I’m happy to guide you on a part of your way to help you realize your Plan A. 

You might wonder what else I did to get where I am today. It sounds so simple but it was and is clearly not always easy. 

But by learning how to live the best version of myself I am able to put myself and my growth first. I’m in my female, magnetic energy and committed to live the highest version of myself. I’m not afraid to invest time, money & energy. That’s why I am where I am today.  

It was not easy for me to get there either. To get out of that spiral that I found myself in before. But the pressure of suffering, which I’m sure many of you know, got bigger and bigger so that I started to change my life and I started to work on myself to heal all the parts of myself that held me back and kept me small.

One of my biggest realizations was that everything within me is alive! And that EVERYTHING that is alive inside me has a reason. It wants to be lived by me and it will haunt me until I do so. To follow my soul calls and heart’s desires and put them into action and live them. 

Our desires are in our heart for a reason

If you are drawn somewhere, it is because

the universe wants you there.

Whenever I meet new people I love hearing their life story. This way I can get to know them directly and I can feel whether we’re on the same level and I want to spend my time with them. I can feel immediately if I can fully trust this person and whether there is a connection or not.

I love spending time with open-minded, like-minded, creative people who want more in life. The miracles that happen when you focus on your energies and the new connections are amazing. 

I am curious whether you already recognize yourself in me through the following part of my story or if it awakes one or the other desire in you.

All encounters and situations in my life have helped me in my own development. They all held a great gift which I have often only recognized afterwards. And just like other people helped me to realize this, I made it my task to help you to acknowledge this as well and unpack your gift. 

I am here to help you rediscover yourself, remember your gifts and to guide you through your own development. 



NO? I am your woman!

I’ve had quite a few moments of pain, turning points, near-death experiences and wake-up moments in my life…

From a difficult childhood, child of divorce to half-orphan.

From being a victim of bullying at school & work – into a life where I made myself a victim of my experiences, circumstances, fears & thoughts. 

When I realized all this, I was fed up. 

I let go of everything that no longer served me and that I was holding on to (job, apartment, relationship, car, money). 

I jumped, with a decision,

into a life full of abundance, happiness & freedom as a world traveler. 

When I realized again that nothing on the outside can ever give me what I desire on the inside, I became a lost globetrotter.

With a broken heart, who could no longer make decisions & feel nothing but inner emptiness. Who had lost the trust, the sense & her way. I began to travel within myself again and this time really deep. So I found back to myself, my heart, my core, my power & energy. 

I built new basic trust and a strong connection to myself.

I found my calling and realized my dream life. 

From a person with many self-made protective walls & heart walls to a person with a strong, soft, open & loving heart. 

From fear to trust.

From scarcity to abundance.

From deep blockages to an abundance mindset.

From a boring life to a life full of goosebump moments.

From an “If then…” to an “Even if…” person.

From an either-or attitude & life into a 

“I can have & want everything”. It is always possible to have both. 

From victimhood to self-responsibility. 

From detachment into connection. 

From ego to heart. 

From self-hatred to self-love. 

From self-doubt to courage. 

From survival mode into life mode. 

From fighter to bon vivant. 

From the planner to the absolute intuition person. 

From strategic thinking without success to successful product & answer channeling. 

From overwhelmed and functioning to flow & strong boundary-puller. 

From a meaningless life to a life with a vision.

From dreamer to manifestor. 

From 25 vacation days to 365 life days. 

From a life of stagnation & the comfort zone, to a life of growth and embracing all the awesome possibilities.

To a person who loves and enjoys all the ups & downs of life.

Who surpassed herself!

Takes care of herself. Not hesitating to accept help & seek support. I think we should all do this more!

I became a woman who encourages others to do the same and accompanies them on their way to more ease, joy, abundance, freedom & meaning in life. I reconnect people with themselves, their inner voice, clairvoyance, gifts and activate their self-healing powers etc..

This personal growth of mine may and will always continue. 

My heart business grows with me. My impact and service for you and the world. I love it! And I can’t tell you how proud I am of the woman – that I am today – who created this beautiful, magical life for herself.


Just like we draw things into our lives, we are also drawn to certain people, things & places. Because we work for the universe and may trust that we are guided. 

The outer world mirrors our inner world. 
Can you imagine how beautiful and abundant my inner world is?

Do the work! It’s so worth it!
Hire a mentor, if you don’t know where to start and how to get there.
Remember: You only have this one life!


You want more in life?

You will get more, if you decideand act accordingly.
Living in abundance is a choice!

IT TAKES A CHANGE IN YOU to attract the MORE into your life
that you deserve to live & have.

Give and you will receive. 

First comes the investments in ourselves, then the return on investments.
Not the other way around. 

BE the next version of yourself in order to BECOME her! 

I am forever grateful to that old version of me –  because of her suffering, her shame, her courage to finally face her pain – that my magical dream life is real now!

Have you ever asked yourself the questions: 

“Who am I?”

“When am I?” 

“Why am I (here)?”

“What is my purpose here?”

“What gift do I have within me that I can share with the world?”


Do you take this opportunity?
The possibility alone that your dreams could come true is what makes life interesting and worth living! 

Look around your life.
Your apartment.
Your relationship.
Your friendships.
Your work.
And say out loud, “I created this.” 

If you feel pain, change something!
Make radical decisions!
Take your first steps in the right direction! 


If you feel the need to start for you & your visions together with me, then listen to your heart and contact me. Allow yourself to take the next step – into contact! 

There is nothing better than taking your destiny into your own hands and creating the life you want for yourself from the bottom of your heart. 

You do not have to walk this path alone. You are meant to shine in your brightest light and make your dreams come true.

I’ll give you my super tools and so much more.

What are you waiting for?